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Steve Mason, Senior Designer

Steve Mason, Senior Designer,

is a Colorado native, and has always had a passion for design, and a desire to become an Architect.  Steve has over 13 years of experience in the design of high-end custom residential homes throughout Colorado.  Steve finds enjoyment in working with clients to help them achieve their goal of a unique and efficient design, from start to finish.  Steve brings a variety of design style expertise and enthusiasm to Studio 646 Architecture, LLC. 


Eric has worked for the top Denver architectural design firms before founding Studio 646 Architecture, bringing over 18 years of design experience to the firm.  Eric has focused his career in multi-family architecture, but also has a depth of experience in many types of commercial architecture.


University of Illinois - Chicago

​    BA - Architecture

University of Colorado - Denver

    Masters in Architecture

University of Colorado - Denver

    Certificate in Design - Build

In our history

Eric Blase has had a long and diverse education leading up to starting his own architecture firm.  Being raised in a family of builders, he has received hands on training on how to assemble a building from the ground up.  This training led to architecture school in Chicago, where Eric's natural desire to build was enhanced with the knowledge to design.  

After practicing in Chicago and later as a transplant in Denver, Eric became established in the market, and focused on mastering the multi-family building typology.  What seemed to be daily practice, and continuation of his design interests at night in his office at 646 Inca, starting a firm seemed a logical progression.  Putting to use his years of experience as a builder, with his natural desire to design, brings a unique approach toward the practice and assigns value to each project.

So began the business of designing with respect and responsibility for the entire process.  An architect's job merely starts when the picture is drawn.  By following the desire for design and the understanding of the construction process - we think we can improve the building, the block, the neighborhood, the community, and the city.  Maybe the world.

In keeping with Eric's first Denver project, he founded Studio 646 Architecture to provide architectural services with a new perspective.

Long-time friend and fellow designer, Steve Mason, partnered with Eric Blase and joined in their venture together at Studio 646 Architecture, LLC.  Their current location is in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, where you might just meet some chickens and goats during your visit to their office.

Studio646 Architecture operates as a partner to project developers.  In addition to our architectural design expertise, we have a background in construction and project development.  We offer this depth of experience to our clients in an effort to rapidly come to efficient and affordable design solutions.

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