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Get to Know Us

Studio 646 Architecture strives for interesting, beautiful, and community-driven design. Through working respectfully and responsibly with clients, the team is able to deliver on the original passion and vision of a project. Although the process of designing begins with ink on paper, the team’s progression combines the client’s ideas with the expertise of Studio 646. Through this approach, the team believes they can improve the building, the block, the neighborhood, and the community through compelling design.


Studio 646 started with Eric and Steve collaborating in an effort to start their own architecture firm. Their previous experience in the field led them to believe that starting their own firm was a logical progression. The first step to reach this goal was working in an Airstream in Eric’s home driveway They then progressed to getting their own office in Golden, Colorado and gaining a highly qualified team of 18 in 9 years.

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The work done at Studio 646 is diverse and unique. Studio 646 specializes in Multi-family projects that range from condo buildings, apartment buildings, and townhome communities. They also design many single-family and high-end custom homes. Along with these, Studio 646 has experience in many commercial building types, including restaurants. Their wide array of projects proves that they are willing to take on many tasks, large or small.


Studio 646’s office provides a dynamic, yet professional atmosphere, always ensuring that their team members have the maximum amount of flexibility possible. All team members at Studio 646 strive to give all they possibly can to the business while taking care of their families. Their philosophy is that work must always be balanced with other activities outside of the office.


Studio 646 Architecture is located in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, encompassing the true outdoor spirit of the state.



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